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Building Left-Brain Power
Are you right- or left-brained?

Building Mental Muscle

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Trade paperback, 320 pages
$14.95, 5.5 x 8.25

Brainwaves®, August 1999,
ISBN 0-916410-63-3

Conditioning exercises & tips to improve mood
and develop language, math and other uniquely human skills.

by Allen D. Bragdon, Founder of Games Magazine
and David Gamon, PhD

An entertaining, interactive program designed to increase the power of the specific kinds of intelligence that contribute to professional and personal success. Includes reports of recent discoveries in the neurosciences with more than 100 tips to help improve performance in real-world problem-solving situations. Mental-conditioning exercises that are fun to do gradually build neuron-strength. 14 progressively more difficult formats develop language, math, executive, planning and social skills just as physical exercises build muscle groups. Five self-scoring tests measure status.

Developed by Games magazine founder. Foreign editions: China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK.

“Back in the early 1960’s a research team at the University of California, Berkeley led by Mark Rosenzweig and Marion Diamond took a few of their genetically identical, very young, lab mice out of their comfortable cages and put them into much larger comfortable cages. They left other mice of the same age alone in their smaller cages. Every few days they put another new piece of tiny mouse-gym equipment into the larger cages — running wheels, tunnels, climbing platforms and such. Both groups of mice had a great life with plenty of food and water and clean cages. But the “enriched environment” group that got lots of new stuff to figure out and play with every day were constantly experimenting and always actively engaged.

After several weeks, well through adolescence in mouse-time, the brains of all the mice in the old and new test cages were measured, weighed and compared. As predicted, Rosenzweig and Diamond found that the brains of the mice with the frequent new challenges to meet had grown heavier and had more connections, with higher levels of neurotransmitters to stimulate or inhibit mental activity."
Building Left Brain Power


Interactive version of a puzzle from Building Left-Brain Power

Similar interactive puzzles are available on our CD:
Your Mental Muscle Cross Trainer

Each of the 104 puzzle-exercises in Building Left-Brain Power is graded from easy to advanced, with advice on how to get started and optional hints to guide you toward a satisfying solution.

In addition, the writers and editors at The Brainwaves® Center have combed through the latest research in the neurosciences to present an additional 87 "brain bites" — tips on how you can speed learning and help commit information to memory.

Building Mental Muscle
Building Mental Muscle
Over 230,000 copies sold
in the USA alone, plus translations into 14 languages worldwide.

Brains that Work a Little Bit Differently
Brains That Work a Little
Bit Differently

2nd best seller. Used in college Psychology courses. ADHD, Left Handedness, Autism, DejaVu, Child Geniuses

Building Left-Brain Power
Building Left-Brain

It handles the details, like language skills. Every-day tips to use what you learn. Mental exercises that, when done, release serotonin, a feel-good hormone.

Learn Faster and Remember More Learn Faster &
Remember More

Three guides in one: How skills develop and are maintained through life: 1. Womb to adolescence; 2. Professional Years; 3. Slowing down the slowing down
Brain Building Games Brain Building Games
With Words & Numbers

Skill-graded challenges: easy to hard, logic, numbers, crypto-visual plus tricks to maximize performance in every one (176 of them). Another top seller.
Use It or Lose It Use It or Lose It!
As the mind matures it begins to lose essential abilities unless.... it is forced to work. Then it builds connections again into old age.
Exercises for the Whole Brain Exercises for the
Whole Brain
A breast-pocket full of visual mental-teasers to work out in spare moments. Now in 13 languages. Especially good for designers and creative thinkers.
Right Brain TeasersRight-Brain Teasers
How many of these photos of 60 old-time, household artifacts can you figure out how they worked and what they were used for? This taps the visual-spatial skills in your right brain. (Men are surprisingly good at this). See an interesting, detailed description when you turn the page after each photo. A fun Valentine gift , especially for elderly antique collectors and flea-market addicts.
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