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Building Mental Muscle

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Trade paperback, 320 pages
U.S. $14.95,
Canada $22.95
53 illus. and diagrams, Glossary, Index

Brainwaves®, October 2001
ISBN 0916410-79-X

Your brain LOVES its job if you keep it busy
and in shape

by David Gamon, PhD, and Allen D. Bragdon

What children can learn in the womb • How to separate healthy aging from dementia • Tricks for remembering names and other career-building data • Straight talk about nutrition and pills • What women know about handling stress • Recent findings about critical stages in a pre-schooler’s brain development • Physical and mental exercises that fire-up learning skills • Three keys to endowing character in children and teens • How pros perfect sports skills with mind action • What caffeine, cramming, nicotine and sleep can and can’t do for academic skills

A test of self-awareness
From “The Developing Brain,”
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“Self-consciousness emerges in the minds of
This is the age when self-awareness and self-consciousness arise. Around age two, children begin to experiment with the difference between their own and their parents’ will and identity. They become conscious not just of the independence of others, but of a sense of how things “should be,” and they begin to feel frustration if something doesn’t work right or if they can’t do something they’re told or expected to do. If you want to get a two-year-old upset, do something in front of him that you know he can’t do, and watch what happens when he tries to imitate you. Along with self-awareness come the beginnings of empathy: Two-year-olds approach others who are in distress and try to comfort them, instead of just becoming distressed themselves as an infant will do.

Around the middle of the second year, the frontal lobe of the brain has developed sufficiently to give a child the awareness of social demands, and an understanding that some actions are “bad” or forbidden. This is the age when a toddler will begin to show tempestuous emotions in response to his own transgressions. He does not yet understand why his action is bad, but he is able to pick up the signals that he is responsible for the bad action.”

"Best self-help book on memory I have seen in my 25 years in gerontology."
— Dr. David Demko, Ageventure News Service


“This is not just another book about how to double memory power in ten days. There are plenty such books out there, and they can be useful for learning tricks to get around the typical flaws and weaknesses of memory. In this book, we describe practical memory-improvement techniques of that kind, but we also provide an understanding of what recent brain research is revealing about the ways learning and memory work, how to steepen a normal learning curve and how memory can be maintained, even improved, on a deeper and more powerful level than that on which memory tricks operate. ”      
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Building Mental Muscle
Building Mental Muscle
Over 230,000 copies sold
in the USA alone, plus translations into 14 languages worldwide.

Brains that Work a Little Bit Differently
Brains That Work a Little
Bit Differently

2nd best seller. Used in college Psychology courses. ADHD, Left Handedness, Autism, DejaVu, Child Geniuses

Building Left-Brain Power
Building Left-Brain

It handles the details, like language skills. Every-day tips to use what you learn. Mental exercises that, when done, release serotonin, a feel-good hormone.

Learn Faster and Remember More Learn Faster &
Remember More

Three guides in one: How skills develop and are maintained through life: 1. Womb to adolescence; 2. Professional Years; 3. Slowing down the slowing down
Brain Building Games Brain Building Games
With Words & Numbers

Skill-graded challenges: easy to hard, logic, numbers, crypto-visual plus tricks to maximize performance in every one (176 of them). Another top seller.
Use It or Lose It Use It or Lose It!
As the mind matures it begins to lose essential abilities unless.... it is forced to work. Then it builds connections again into old age.
Exercises for the Whole Brain Exercises for the
Whole Brain
A breast-pocket full of visual mental-teasers to work out in spare moments. Now in 13 languages. Especially good for designers and creative thinkers.
Right Brain TeasersRight-Brain Teasers
How many of these photos of 60 old-time, household artifacts can you figure out how they worked and what they were used for? This taps the visual-spatial skills in your right brain. (Men are surprisingly good at this). See an interesting, detailed description when you turn the page after each photo. A fun Valentine gift , especially for elderly antique collectors and flea-market addicts.
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