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A Photo-Quiz for the Mind's Eye

Building Mental Muscle

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Trade paperback, 160 pages
$9.95, 5.5 x 8.25

Brainwaves®, August 1999,
ISBN 0-916410-66-8

Can you tell what these 75 old-time utensils
were used for?

By Allen D. Bragdon and Marcia Monbleau

The right side of your brain specializes in recognizing shapes and visualizing them in space. Engineers, architects, carpenters and map readers are strong in this skill. This is brain-candy for them and a test of knowledge for collectors of antique household items and tools. Sharp, detailed photographs of collectible antiques and curiosities with descriptions of their use plus old-time household tips and remedies. If you can identify 10% of them you are doing well. Featured on NBC-TV’s David Letterman show.


“A collector's antique shop & yard-sale handbook as compelling as a bowl of peanuts.” — Cape Cod Home & Garden

"Being a life-long lover of puzzles and mind games, I've collected lots of brain teaser books over the years. The title of this book really caught my eye. After all, aren't all brain teaser books "left-brained" by definition? Not necessarily so with this book."

Right Brain Teaser
“You will give the right hemisphere of your brain a workout by trying to identify the proper function of these 80 household implements from their photographs. They were all in common use in the “good old days” before packaging design hid the inner workings with sheet metal and it became impossible to figure out what something was just by looking at it.

Objects you have never seen before challenge your right brain more than familiar ones. The left brain specializes in comparing new experiences with past ones and trying to apply rules such as grammar and conventional symbols. The right brain excels at processing images you’ve never seen before — the face of someone you don’t know, or, for a child, his or her first encounter with a swinging door.

To deduce what practical function an object is designed to perform you must visualize the components of its design. If you have nothing but a picture to work from, you have to imagine what the gadget looks like in action and thus deduce its operation. What materials is it made of? Why those? How do its separate components fit together and interact? And, most important, what practical tasks would those design elements accomplish? You can uncover those answers only by inspecting it from all sides in your mind’s eye.

No matter how you use this book, we hope you, your brain and your brain’s friends have a good time with it.”      

Building Mental Muscle
Building Mental Muscle
Over 230,000 copies sold
in the USA alone, plus translations into 14 languages worldwide.

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