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Use It or Lose It!
Is it Alzheimer's or normal?

Building Mental Muscle

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Trade paperback, 196 pages
$14.95, 7.5 x 8.25,
32 Drawings, Diagrams and Photos

Second Edition
Brainwaves®, October 2000
ISBN 0-916410-68-4

How to Keep Your Brain Fit as It Ages
by Allen D. Bragdon & David Gamon, PhD

New updated and enlarged edition with 48 brain-stimulating mental exercises. Use It or Lose It! is a new book developed at The Brainwaves Center based on the latest published research in the neurosciences. The Center suggests these five steps to keep your mental equipment operating up to specs as your brain grows old, gracefully, along with the rest of you:

  • 10 years old - Ask questions
  • 25 years old - Marry someone smarter than you are
  • 38 years old - Exercise regularly to reduce stress
  • 52 years old - Learn something new
  • 65 years old - Avoid the ruts

Reader Reviews:

“Highly informative, useful, and fun.” —Dr. David Demko, Ageventure News Service

Why do some seniors stay mentally sharp while others deteriorate? This new book. based on the latest published neuroscience research, gives readers insight on how to prevent Alzheimer's disease and reverse cognitive decline. In nontechnical language, the authors supply a gold mine of information on how brain functions occur. Tests of mental acuity are scattered throughout the text, allowing readers to gauge their skills. Those with concerns they may be exhibiting signs of dementia are given a wealth of tests and explanations to different normal mental lapses from indications of disease. Also provided are numerous exercises and nutrition tips to boister those brain functions at risk with aging. Extensive footnotes (unobtrusively packaged) and an index finish off this expertly researched and highly readable guide.
—Today's Librarian, January, 2001

Use It or Lose It!
A self-test from
Use It or Lose It!
"Why does it get harder to think of the right word?
There’s a joke that goes like this. Older people are faced with a dilemma: they know more words, but they can’t remember them! Vocabulary improves with age. What declines is the kind of mental nimbleness needed to access all those words on the fly. Everybody knows exactly what this feels like: you know the word, it may even be on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite think of it. So you fumble around, hem and haw, and hope the word pops into your mind while you stall for time. Maybe it does, or maybe it doesn’t and you have to move on, feeling like a bit of a fool. Of course, you’ll soon think of the word, two minutes too late to do you any good. "      
Use It or Lose It!
Building Mental Muscle
Building Mental Muscle
Over 230,000 copies sold
in the USA alone, plus translations into 14 languages worldwide.

Brains that Work a Little Bit Differently
Brains That Work a Little
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2nd best seller. Used in college Psychology courses. ADHD, Left Handedness, Autism, DejaVu, Child Geniuses

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Use It or Lose It Use It or Lose It!
As the mind matures it begins to lose essential abilities unless.... it is forced to work. Then it builds connections again into old age.
Exercises for the Whole Brain Exercises for the
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